Avatar Review
Issue 13


Issue 13. Thirteen. A Poe number. Black cats, cracked mirrors, spooky fate-driven stuff.

Our feature poets, Nicolette Bethel and Catherine Noonan, start things off for this year’s issue in the right way. Nicolette, a multi-talented Bahamian who is also a playwright and anthropologist, offers up one of the most fascinating poem sequences to ever appear in the Avatar Review. (We like Frogs here at Avatar.) From Ireland, we have Catherine Noonan, a poet whose remarkably personal, and yet universal voice, left us feeling that we were reading a poet who is on the verge of being much better known. Hopefully, we can do our part as far as getting the word, her words, out.

That’s just two of a gifted group of poets, writers, and outstanding artists who make the number 13 special. We think you’ll be pleased.

–The Eds.