A hearty blue kick

That’s what it feels like. Or a red one. We’re on our first or second cup of the day. The sun is rising. The synapses are firing deep in the brain, and Wapow! Just like in the old-style superhero comics, we’re knocked to the ground by something totally unexpected, and powerful.

That’s what it’s feels like when we open the doors on our reading period in the fall, when the first group of subs start pouring in. Zap! Pow! Kabaam! We’re taking notice.

In this, our 16th issue, you’ll find all the work that knocked us out, that wowed us this time. We have so much material. Dozens of poems, a generous selection of prose. Three book reviews. Art. We’ve got a great selection of audio recordings too. You’ll hear ten different poets reading their work. The issue is capped off with a selection of poems from our featured poet, Lauren Camp, who reads them all for you.

So sit back. Get ready for the kick.


Paula Grenside
David Ayers
Steve Harris