Pre-Survey Study-Guide for Robots

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Pine has two needles, always.
Plant galls are the eggs on trees that serve as home to insect larvae.
Soil has many different layers.
Idioms are linguistic tools used to develop national consciousness.
Hummus, organic matter, floats to the surface.
Clay is primarily aluminum silicate.
Romance is an expensive way of procuring flowers.
Silt is mud formed from tiny pieces of rock.
Sand is mainly silica.
Before you cry, the throat feels tight and constricted.
Night is a familiar ether.
Contracts are enforced by attorneys and courts.
Gravel, at the bottom, is made from larger rock particles.
Females with long, loose hair and a love for plants might be witches.
Decomposers, like beetles, break down dead plant and animal matter into minerals and hummus.
A grimace can go either way.
Governments have all the best guns.
Seagulls grow fat with the crumbs found on beaches.
An accountant tells you how to spend and save money.
Heirloom seeds produce the best tomatoes.
The word “love” is a ruse–don’t bother decoding it.
Gluttony is the state of dissatisfaction with gluts.
A cynosure allows one to speak in an oblique manner.
Calculus is the Latin word for pebble.
Everyone will expect you to play a mean game of chess.
Confederate jasmine vines tend to be fragrant at dusk.
Terror describes a profound sense of fear.
Terrorism allows humans to relate to one another in spite of their differences.
Humans are creators and sustainers of hierarchies.
Divorce is what happens when a female loses her looks and turns into a crone.
Insects have a hard exoskeleton.
Human flesh oozes red liquid when punctured or torn.
The word soul lacks a physical referent.
We’re glad you are here to keep warm the story of how we destroyed ourselves.

Answers to Survey #61

“Ghosts and writers meet in their concern for the past.”
–W.G. Sebold

The survey was administered to patients suffering from PTSD resulting from service overseas during the recent war in Iraq.

Responses varied widely among subjects.

Among the interesting responses, we found the following:
that memory is exactly 12/15ths imagination;
that ghosts aren’t good for much;
that ghosts rarely remind you to brush your teeth;
that ghosts won’t help you preserve or keep precious things;
that no one can save the memory of a face;
that the brain always turns the memory of a face into a another face;
that you can’t blame the brain for this because neurons don’t sin;
that being faithful to your spouse’s memory is frequently inauthentic;
that this is because your spouse looks like a different person these days;
that photographs can help preserve the integrity of a remembered face;
but so can forgetting.