Bell Pull

It’s a day dreamt up by a cigarette
the world a ball thrown into an open field
The morning cuts itself for high card
but the sun has kept the negatives
to hold you to your promise
that gold may draw fire along a contour of green
as if my whole body were looking into an eye
Today I intend to be everywhere at once
In the frosted glass of cemeteries
in the overcast at the heart of things
In the long bandana of your blood
with which you playfully blindfold me
but with stars showing through your inmost thoughts
Various characters trying to follow me
will slump dejected on their stools hopeless
staring into the little puddle of water
forming on the bar
containing a stone
conducting an affair with its chauffeur
in a city where you are crouching in a doorway
muttering By god that bullet was intended for me
Your Excellency who replies
Never mind about that Come sit on this sofa
that folds out into a trout stream
mad with mayflies puzzling over
the ability of your shoulders to lip-read gardenias
Should you slip any further away
brochure of spring water
the sky will remain trapped in a diamond
calling out for rescue by cutting your finger
It’s an afternoon whose monocle cannot be seen
a hand-shadow tilted to ring true
The clue of perfect love
leads you to a trap door in the forest
covered by branches brushing away
all traces of perfect love
Birds adjourn to their book bindings
Creeks recover the love letters
of their youthful indiscretion
from a constellation with a walking stick
gallivanting around the town hall clock
without giving another thought
to the windows that roll people down at close of day
or up as if they were awnings
or a loose shutter banging at the bottom of a river
to notify you of the death of your twin
Yes it’s an evening purring like telephones after a kill
the way to negligence blocked by invisible salt-licks
It’s a night of permanent regret

Best Girl

A bee enters a rose and the universe swivels
Beyond understanding lies the turn of your ankle
vanishing for untold generations
and taking an encore just in time
to bring a cantina back to life
to light up the crowd with longing
Underground clouds your ancestors
Your belly is brushing sleep from the corners of the sky
Your body is god’s out-of -body experience
a golden irritant in a lantern
around which railroading empires rise and fall
Unendurably naked you’ve been failed by deep space
Your body that breaks the heart of the sea
Your body of bitten lips and passionate erasures
of seven convictions and no arrests whatsoever
Branded by joyriding
you awaken buried inside your own breasts
Electricity congregates in your hollows
Its fangs are filling with song
Your body that cannot stop watching
the slow ambulance racing leisurely across the sky
Not just any sky but one of fingertips tapping the hull for rum
Not just any roses but those washed up onto the deck
They make movies bloom upon the sails
When you look at me over the dark water
the world is a boy and I’m his best girl

Beyond Marilyn

In the beginning god had never seen a blonde before
The stars were at double-play depth
An underground river of teenage French girls
tormented the landscape
Silence was kept in silver thermoses
The dead dreamed continuously and forever
and your mirror
a fountain moving very slowly
toward an enormous bed of skyborne ferns
waved its sword-cane
and waited for lipstick to start passing notes around
The girls all sat on their boyfriends shoulders
and tore their tops off that was the signal
The deal had gone down
The surf was up