3.Avatar Review
     A Review of Poetry, Prose, and Art - Summer 2001

Love in the Time of the Smallmouth Bass

Poems by Diane Willadson

She hit twice on the green, said it was multiple receptors
for high-limit credit cards. He hits on the red throat.

In a post warm front, go with neutral; the Bert Deener
Fox Hair Jig with Berkley Power Craw, brown/orange.

Baby Gitzit in a cold front, TV dinners again and he's
in it with the neighbor and her 110 degree thighs.

Nothing that lives in fresh water is chartreuse, but yes,
they'll rise to it. Brings them from the bottom like free caviar.

She matches the color of available prey, eyelids
and cheek bones, a pre-cold front; Norwalk Skitter Pop.

Gin-clear plastics for universal appeal sneak up quiet
as un-love, feeling for the cold spot in bed.

In deep water, he's on a short wavelength but when candles
and flowers don't work; pick your favorite color.

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