3.Avatar Review
     A Review of Poetry, Prose, and Art - Summer 2001

Remanent Theory of Asteroids

Poems by Jessica Schneider

A world is myth and too much
for anyone. Nothing is within

meadows, but stone
that purpose sets. Upon barren

back, a plash of creeks murmur
meaning into gray

roots. Quickening around stone
is ground. And the boughs, growing

jaded, garnish
the leftover universe with moss.

A planet finds a moon,
leans on her half

shoulder. There are canyons
made where millions have planets

sleep. From so high a view,
looking on

the world is a grain
at the bottom of a mouth,

a swallow far shrinking
into the trail of afterward.

Earth and all things are
as earth

asking: “Do you fear
moving parts?”

Somewhere there,
a human frightening something.

Loosen a fruit from some tree-
Who will be? Who will be

among these next years'
excess trees and birds?

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