3.Avatar Review
     A Review of Poetry, Prose, and Art - Summer 2001

Teri Browning

Art by Teri Browning

tb-Teri Browning:

I should talk about my art. Only recently I discovered paint and tin cans, laundry lint and shellac. What gifts woman has in her trashcan! I've been scribbling about a year and a half now, both art and poetry. Wonderful release, this. I discovered painting through a seizure, after which I had to do -something- to show my husband what it was like. Not sure that worked, exactly, but it helped me. My real job is teaching adolescents at a partial hospitalization program in southeastern Kentucky. There's no better job in the world.

Poetry and prose publications include "Zuzu's Petals Quarterly," "Unlikely Stories," "An Appalachian Country Rag," "Peshekee River Poetry," and "ThunderSandwich"

More of my art can be seen at http://urbandecay.org and ThunderSandwich, issue 12.

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