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Avatar Review is an online review that seeks to display the highest quality writing and visual art. Our purpose is to provide exposure to authors and artists and give temporary shelter to their work. We provide a forum in which writers and visual artists can share in this electronic medium. We believe in money for art and will shamelessly promote artists' work in the hope it can be sold.

Submission Guidelines: We publish poetry, short fiction, essays, visual art and prose poems. We look first for the finely crafted piece and believe in Pound's dictum, "Fundamental accuracy of statement is the sole morality of writing." We're open to all forms, but have a bias toward clear, concise, understandable work that communicates, surprises or disturbs—writing that bears witness to the world we live in. Short works (under 1500 words for prose and 100 lines for poetry) stand a better chance of acceptance. Simultaneous submissions and previously published work are welcome as long as acknowledged as such by the author. Send no more than three to five poems or two pieces of fiction per submission.

Please see the guidelines for the current issue at http://avatarreview.net/submissions.html or email us at contact.us@avatarreview.net.

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