Featured Poet:  Julia Kasdorf

Jeffery Bahr*
T.E. Ballard
Lynne Bigley
Hannah Craig
Paul Dickey
Laura Gamache
Michael Graber
Karin Henderson*
Janet Kenny*
Patricia Lockwood*
Rebecca Loudon
William Neumire
Linda Sue Park
Christine L. Reed
Sherry Saye*
Robert Schechter
Deborah J. Shore
Michael Vaughn*
Anca Vlasopolos
Jesse Weiner
Chris Young


Featured Writer:  Michael Kimball
The Way the Family Got Away

From Michael Kimball's second novel:
— How Much of Us There Was

Robert Caporale
Andy Devine
Rebecca Gopoian
Susan L. Helwig
Susan Henderson
Peter Markus
Christopher Mulrooney
Tim Parks
Michael Vaughn
David C. Wright




*audio file

Welcome, by James O'Brien


Theresa Baker
Dario Dallefrate
Antoine de Villiers
Brent Howcroft
Jenny Jozwiak
Eric MacDonald
James O'Brien
John Sheirer


David Wright
"Those weird conversations with
strangers":  An Interview with Julia Kasdorf

Paula Grenside
A Conversation with Michael Kimball


Steve Harris
Bay of Souls, Robert Stone
House of Poured-Out Waters, Jane Mead

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