Michael Kimball
Interview with Michael Kimball

The Way the Family Got Away -- continued
How to Make a Baby Up, How to Make Me Up into a Momma, and How Many People Any People-Family Needs to Have Living Inside It

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    Momma told us we couldn't play inside the toybox and trunk. But we played with the doll of my little brother so we didn't need the dead one of him anyway. But me and my bigger brother were going to make a new doll-baby up out of us like Momma and Poppa were making a new baby up too.

    Me and my bigger brother put the little and baby things inside the hole inside me and under my clothes to make a baby up and make me up into a Momma too. We rubbed baby shoes on my stomach. We ate baby food with our hands and wore baby clothes on small parts of us. We made Momma and Poppa hold us up on their shoulders and we sucked on our toes and thumbs. We talked baby-talk and crawled around on the ground and pulled at their pant legs. We touched on hands and arms. We rubbed legs and feet and pushed on each other breathing hard. We yelled and stopped.

    We held my hands over my nose and mouth to hold my breath inside me and my stomach out. We pushed my stomach out from behind me to make me up into more baby and bigger out.

    We cut me and my clothes open to get the baby out of me and blood. But our baby only came out doll-baby. It wasn't crying or talking or eating and angel or folded-up and paper or big enough either. It wasn't alive or living. Our doll-baby was bloody with my Momma and string.

    But we hit the doll-baby and pulled the string until it went from doll-alive to people and started living inside my people-family with us. The doll of my little brother going away to doll-alive helped Momma and Poppa make up the new little brother baby that they were making up for my people-family. Momma got bigger out and more baby. But we couldn't cut the baby out of Momma until it got up to big enough inside her but that was going to be a big ways away from where we were.

    But Momma and Poppa yelled at me and my bigger brother when we cut my Momma-me out of my clothes and cut the baby out of me and blood. My bigger brother cut my dress open on my stomach and hole and all the way down me to blood. But Momma told me we can't go anywhere with you wearing that. But Momma and Poppa weren't going to leave me there or dead when they didn't leave my little brother anywhere else or dead either.

    Momma undressed my clothes and Poppa touched the blood off my skin even when it never went away to angel-colored like my little brother's did. He stopped the blood and people from going out of me to dead and Momma dressed me back up into bigger clothes so we could go away to a bigger people-family than we were before we left home. Momma and Poppa needed all of us all alive for us to get back to the bigger people-family they had of us and that we were going to make up again out of each other and other people in Heaven and family and blood.


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