Patrick Di Fruscia

Finish Line

Racetrack, Death Valley National Park, California

Tech Data: Minolta Maxxum 7, Minolta 24-105 (D), 24mm, 4 sec, F22, Fuji Velvia 50, Singh-Ray's 2 Stop Soft ND Grad, Singh-Ray's Warming Polarizer.

This location is simply superb!! I just couldn't resist taking a few shots of those famous moving rocks. I thought finding them would be an easy task but it took us about an hour to find some that you could actually really see the trails. Guess that is why it is called the racetrack. These rocks really looked like they were racing each other. Simple low angle composition using a 2-stop ND Grad filter on the top third of the frame to balance the shot and keep those beautiful colors in the sky.