Issue 9:: Summer 2007
Avatar Review
Bryan Larsen

Flight 1

Just the Beginning

How Far We've Come

Power and Light

My paintings combine distilled elements of human life and achievement that I find particularly beautiful or important - to portray a world in which I hope the viewer would wish to live. Architecture and romanticism are central themes in my work, with an emphasis on contemporary subject matter; however, I use classical, representational techniques. I describe my style as Romantic Classical Realism.

I consider craftsmanship and classical technique to be integral components of painting, in addition to theme and composition. I stretch and prime my own canvasses, and paint with time-tested, traditional materials and techniques. I believe that the spontaneity of a great idea is not lost with its careful execution. As Fred Rogers was fond of saying. . . "When I want to do a thing, I like to take my time to do it right."

Recently I have been focusing more on the human figure - using body language, posture and facial expression to communicate themes without relying solely on background elements to provide context. Some of these pieces are studies of a particular texture, color combination or brush technique, while others are a combination of these to achieve a more specific and thematic purpose.
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