Issue 9 :: Summer 2007 
Avatar Review

Paul Dickey

Photographs of Door County

At last, Joan and I meet James. Fumbling,
he shows us photographs of Door County.
In the first, Lake Michigan is flat as glass
but with his single sail somehow in the center.
The only sound I hear is the awkward Canada
geese. In the next, there is a family in the distance
he did not know yet, having been there only
one day. A girl and boy have fishing poles.
It seems to me the father struggles to get the boat
into the water while the wife loads their final
needs. My daughter acts casual, but her eyes
wink that this may be it, begs me to study
his next photograph even more carefully.
No one sits in her mother’s chair, although
she has been gone now a full season.
Joan’s cream and sugar voice sails into the room
with coffee. There is no tide. This afternoon,
there is little wind, although the waves
still come in, they go out, and they come in.

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