Matagrano, Frank

Poetry, AV2: Cc’d on the CrucifixionClearing the Table with Angel FeathersCounting the Number of Angels of Death at the HospitalFlagging a Cab to the AirportHolding on before Letting GoLaid out on a Mead near the Fox RiverMiss Julie Watched from the PorchPeeling PotatoesSetting the Liz Christy Memorial Garden on FireTelling Rita the TruthThe Spokes of Her WheelchairThree Photographs of the Same Girl

Poetry, AV5: Becoming the RakeCatching Up with a Traveling Salesman Who Sold a Cure for EverythingClearing the Table with Angel FeathersDefinitions of FaggotPeeling PotatoesSmoking One More Cigarette with MaggieTwenty Six Years after Nixon’s Resignation

Poetry, AV14: Allowing the Body to Finally SpeakA Governor for Your Flippancy

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