Taylor, Don

Poetry, AV1: Ambrose Scott Handel ( 1919– )Prisoner #244565 will be released next Friday and puts things in proper order.She was a maid of the dairy

Poetry, AV2: Blossom Riley

Poetry, AV4: My Mermaid’s Untimely RipNot NarcissusTell Us For We Are Ashavaric

Prose, AV2: Essay 1 (I spent last night at a cheap motel in downtown Oklahoma City.)Essay 2 (For the reason I was in haste to earn the trust of my patron and thus do what he had asked me and as diligently as I could. . . .)“Seizing the Fleece”Welcome Bill Faulkner To Rotary Club

Prose, AV4: EssayThe PackageYank Harold and the Crazy Girl

Prose, AV5: Forgotten, What Happened on Ponte Vecchio–the Bridge…

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